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Diapause, the Cues that Trigger it and how Climate Change affects Butterflies, Moths and their Host plants

We hope you can join us for our November meeting! We are excited that Mike Rich, the founder of Lukas Butterfly Encounter will be joining us.

Diapause is a form of hibernation used by insects to get through environmentally adverse conditions and is primarily triggered by day length and temperature changes that signal the onset of winter. As CO2 levels rise and the climate warms, changes that occur at different rates and times are discussed using butterflies, moths and their host plants as examples.

Mike Rich was trained as an entomologist at Cornell University and holds an ABD PhD (all-but-degree) in honey bees, a MS in advanced ecology and a BS in pre-medical sciences from Union College and is currently doing research on the reproductive diapause of the Monarch migration at the Biology labs at UCF.

We look forward to seeing you online November 18th at 7:00 pm!

All programs are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Stay tuned as we move more meetings into this digital format.
Admission is always free, and everyone is invited so invite some friends!

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