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Here are the current members of the Central Florida Group’s Executive Committee.
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Frank Gummey IV - Chair

Frank Gummey has been the Executive Committee Membership chair since October 2015.  He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies which includes a minor in Urban & Regional Planning. He enjoys biking and exploring the Wekiva River and is partial to natural lands.  He does not own any pets but loves to visit cats and dogs while their owners are away.  Frank’s friends help him decipher mysterious ingredients and keep him on a vegan diet. He was first involved in the Sierra Club through the Clean Water Summit and has relished the political committee training, meeting new environmentalists, and learning from many different expert speakers at meetings

Marge Holt - Vice-Chairperson, Conservation Chair

Marge Holt has been a Sierra Club member since 1999.  She has been in a leadership role for many years and is currently the Conservation Chair and past Chair of the Central Florida Group.  She believes the Group’s outreach to Sierra Club members and volunteers can make a big difference to help tackle many local and regional environmental challenges. Marge enjoys cycling, running and gardening with Florida native plants.

Julie Levine - Secretary

Julie loves the outdoors, especially when it is cold outside! Her hobbies include traveling and photography where she can see the amazing sites around the world. She has been Treasurer, Chair and is now Secretary. She loves meeting Sierra Club members who share in her passion for the environment.

Jim Desmartin - Treasurer

Jim Desmartin has been a member of the Sierra Club since 1980 in four different states and participated in local as well as National Sierra Club outings.  From June 2010 to October 2015, he was the Treasurer of the Central Florida Group’s Inner City Outings/Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) youth outings program.  He became the Treasurer of the Central Florida Group in March 2016.

Cecilia Height - Member at Large & Political Chairperson

I have been privileged to be a Sierra Club activist for over 20 years. I started my life as an activist after I learned about the plight of baby seals being killed for their fur and dolphins caught in tuna fishing nets. When I was collecting signatures for petitions asking Congress to reauthorize the Marine Mammal Protection act, the Sierra Club of Central Florida not only welcomed me with open arms, they embraced my issue as well. Sierra Club is my family.

Over the years, I have fought for preservation of the Econlockhatchee River Basin and I serve as the Lake Jesup Issue Chair. Our goals are to try to restore Lake Jesup, the largest lake in Seminole County. I enjoy lobbying in Washington, D.C, and Tallahassee for Sierra Club.

I believe in electing “green candidates” and I am active in the political process, serving as Political Chair. It is exciting when we get to help elect a political candidate that truly cares about the environment.

One issue that I am passionate about is population. Be it domestic or international, I believe that human population has the highest impact on the world’s environment. I have been privileged to journey to Madagascar with the Sierra Club Global Population Program. While there, we learned about the plight of the Malagasy people. These precious people want increased access to voluntary family planning options in order to plan the size of their families in order to save their county’s imperiled ecology.

I love doing outreach to share the joys of organic gardening and alternatives to pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

I am a Registered Nurse in the Hospice field. Another issue that I am working on is to encourage the change of how people and institutions dispose of their medications due to the effects upon our waterways so in this way, I can meld my love of Sierra policies with my profession.

My hobbies include organic gardening, swimming, bicycling with my husband, taking care of my beloved pets and science fiction.

“There are many who are uncomfortable with what we have created. It is almost a biological rebellion, a profound revulsion against the planned communities, the programming, the sterilized artfully balanced atmospheres. They hunger for an Eden…where spring comes.” -Spock to Kirk -”The Way to Eden”- Star Trek, the Original Series

Mary-Slater Linn - Outings Chairperson

As a kid in Williamsburg, VA our neighborhood was surrounded by acres of woods. Turtles, frogs deer and songbirds called this habitat home and it was our playground. In the summer, I attended Camp Mont Shenandoah and loved camping, hiking and kayaking.  We use to come to Winter Park, FL  every spring break to visit my grandmother. I announced in 4th grade I was moving to Winter Park Fl. when I grew up. Florida was warm and sunny with swimming at Wekiva Springs and orange trees in the yard. Now, as an adult I am the Outings Chair for Sierra Club and still love to camp hike, kayak. And I have butterfly bushes in my yard instead of an orange tree.

Anne Bowen - Program Chair and Member at Large

Anne is an artist and a retired Art and Social Studies teacher. She has always been interested in the environment and she uses many environmental themes in her artwork. Anne has lived in many places in Florida and currently resides in Lake County. She is interested in endangered species such as the Key Deer who are endemic to Florida as well as studying ocean pollution and plastic gyres. She works hard to protect Florida so her grandchildren have a  beautiful and safe place to play!

Eugene Stoccardo - Member at Large

Eugene is a long time activist in Florida. He is a birder, a student of natural history and Florida history. He is involved with environmental organizations as well as promoting open and good governing.  His background is in engineering and science. He served as Commissioner on the Orange County 2020 Charter Review Commission.

Jim Denison - Member at Large

My family moved to Florida when I was 1 over near Clearwater.  My parents were adventurous and Florida was a different, even exotic, place then, I have vivid memories of very wild places in the area from the Panhandle to the Glades, but mostly north of there – Withlacoochee, Sewanee, Croom and other wonderful places.  I am concerned about sprawl and unfettered growth.
After A short time at UCF, I went to Purdue University and received an engineering degree and followed that with a MBA from Vanderbilt University.   While at Purdue, I was assistant director at Camp Lanoche up near the Ocala NF.  So, I have seen the wonders of FL and the encroachment of growth here that troubles me and motivates me to do something.   I was in NC after that before  living in N. Virginia for 30 years working for Nortel and CISCO.  While in DC I was interested in Environment Issues and New Energy potential.  I worked on the Sierra Club DC area Beyond Coal campaign about 10 years ago, an interesting and successful effort, closing a large Coal plant near National Airport there. I look forward to working with the Central F