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August Member Meeting: Tales of an Ecotourist by Mike Gunter

Our August 15, 2018 speaker is Dr. Mike Gunter, Jr. Dr. Gunter is returning by popular demand to continue his previous talk on Climate Change – What Travel to Wild Places Can Teach Us About Climate Change. We look forward to more of his tales as an ecotourist.

Dr. Gunter, Jr. is a veteran traveler with ecotourism experience on all seven continents. He is a Cornell Distinguished Faculty member and Arthur Vining Davis Fellow at Rollins College, Winter Park, FL, where he serves as Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department and Director of International Affairs in the Holt School.

Dr. Gunter, Jr. will tell us more about his factual and entertaining experiences detailed in his book: “Tales of An Ecotourist, What Travel to Wild Places Can Teach Us About Climate Change.” He bases his research primarily on visits to the Galápagos Islands, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, South Africa’s oldest park, the hot and humid Peruvian Amazon and the frozen but dry Antarctic. He reveals that there are economic, cultural, social and political obstacles to understanding climate change. Dr. Gunter suggests that a more holistic approach is needed to address climate change, recognizing that the environment is not separate but, in fact, is literally part of us. He concludes that we must build a better awareness of the dangers of climate change, embrace political power while simultaneously avoiding narrow, overly technical policy battles. For instance, we need to present policies in terms of gains from action instead of losses from inaction. He also urges us to go out and discover for ourselves the power of travel – and learn what travel to wild places can teach us about climate change.


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