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August Meeting – The Human Habitat: Building communities for people and planet

Just like every creature, humans need a habitat to survive and thrive. How we build the places that we live, work and relax affects both our health and the health of our natural environment. It’s easy to take our built environment for granted, but in fact we make choices individually and collectively that shape how our own habitat functions and feels. For example, whether and how far we walk, bike, ride, or drive to work and other destinations is profoundly affected by how we build our cities; this in turn affects emissions and how much land we pave. Eliza Harris Juliano will discuss what the science of city planning tells us about how to live better and reduce our environmental impacts.

Eliza Harris Juliano is the Director of Urbanism at Canin Associates and serves on the board of the Congress for the New Urbanism, a national nonprofit that helps communities to build places people love.https://www.cnu.org/eliza-harris-juliano

All programs are held the 3rd Wed of the month at 6:30/45 pm, at Harry P. Leu Gardens.: 1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, FL 32803Free parking. Free program.

Door opens at 6:30/45 pm, with light snacks and socializing.Programs are held from 7 – 8:45 pm.A brief discussion of environmental issues precedes the program with info on upcoming, fun, outings — A great way to meet more environmental folk and network for certain.

*Admission is always free, and the public is invited — So come on down, and bring some friends! Join Sierra Club for as little as just $15 right now, as this money helps fund our meeting spaces, as well as, our outings, sponsor speakers, and much, much more. Everyone with Central Florida Sierra Club Group is an unpaid volunteer. We’re doing what we can to better the local community. It takes a village. And we thank you for being part of that village.

Hope to see you at the meeting this, and every month.

Contact Maria, if you have meeting/topic/speaker suggestion, or ideas: maria.bjoubert@florida.sierraclub.org

Thank you for caring about our natural world.


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