PO Box 941692, Maitland, FL 32794-1692

Save Split Oak Forest Fundraiser

Come eat, drink and bid on auction items all to help fund the legal defense fund that is needed to challenge a road going through split oak preserve. While tortoises, birds and wildlife can not speak, you can! Use your voice to help protect this beautiful piece of property from having a expressway build in it.Wildlife viewing is most productive along the hiking trail system, and at overlooks and pasture areas. The gopher tortoise, Sherman’s fox squirrel, and sandhill crane are a few of the state protected wildlife species that can be seen on this area.

Wetlands offer excellent viewing opportunities for wading birds. Visitors may also see some of the white-tailed deer and wild turkey that are common on the area. The Eastern coachwhip snake, brown-headed nuthatch, red-headed woodpecker, gray fox and box turtle are some of the additional wildlife species that are found on this area.

Like the song says “They paved over paradise and put up a parking lot” but in this case developers want an expressway in the middle of paradise.
Please come out-this is a friendly group and even if you don’t know anyone, this is a great way to meet new like minded people.