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Rooms needed for Fla. Sierra Club meeting in Orlando

The Central Fla Sierra Club will host the state meeting (FLEXCOM-Fla. Executive Committee) in Orlando on Saturday, June 9th from 8:30am-5:30pm and Sunday from 9-12. We are holding the meeting at the Callahan Community Center which is in the Parramore area. We selected this location due to wanting to practice what we preach-infill vs urban sprawl.

Our group has to find host for the rep’s coming to the meeting. We just need a bed and bath-no food required. The Chair of each Sierra group in Fla. will attend the meeting: Miami, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Tallahassee, J’ville, Tampa, etc. If you have a room and bath to spare starting Friday night, guest will leave Sunday morn. Please email me and let me know where you live and something about your place. Do you have pets, how far from Parramore are you? We are trying to arrange it so the host are within a 15 minute drive of Parramore. The people attending the meeting are fun, smart, volunteers, love Fla and want to protect it. This can be YOUR way of protecting the environment! Volunteers give of their time and resources and having host families saves the volunteers 100’s of dollars in hotel bills. Thks! Mary-Slater sierraclub01@yahoo.com