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Bee a Friend of the Bee Meeting!

Come join us as we welcome Friends of the Bee. They are on a mission to help Bees of all kind. They believe that there is going to be a growing demand on our planet and our agriculture industry in the coming years and they want to be part of the effort that ensures that we can keep putting food on the table.

Of course, there are many reasons to help our friends the Bee. They also play a major role in the environment and ecosystems of all types. So, we don’t just focus on the Honey Bee, but on as many different species of Bee as possible.

They are convinced that the best approach is going to involve several communities and homeowners making small homes in the back yard or roof top for our friend and neighbor the Bee, as opposed to relying on a commercial approach that involve practices that are more detrimental to the overall health of the species.

After all, we only get one shot at getting this right! Shouldn’t we be doing all we can to help ensure that Bee populations are healthy and that they are able to help us all for years to come.



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