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Kayak the Rainbow River

On a hot summer day, nothing beats kayaking on the Rainbow River. We’ll meet at Rainbow River Canoe at 9:30am and Nate Whitt, the owner AND former town Mayor, will shuttle our boats to the boat ramp next to KP Hole. We will load and leave the parking lot at 10:00am on the dot in the outfitters bus. No late arrivals will be accommodated by the outfitter. From there, we’ll paddle upstream to the headwaters of the Rainbow River and jump in for a swim. After that, we’ll leisurely paddle, stopping often to swim, to the outfitter where our cars will be waiting. This will be a 7.5 mile trip and take all day. The Rainbow River is located in Dunnellon, Florida, which is in about 20 miles southwest of Ocala, 100 miles northwest of Orlando. The Rainbow River is formed by a first magnitude spring that is ranked fourth in the state for volume of discharge. In addition to the springs located at the headwaters, there are many smaller springs that discharge along the entire length of the river. The Rainbow River is a gently winding river that is 5.7 miles long (we are adding distance by going upstream for a few miles) and merges with the Withlacoochee River at Dunnellon Florida.

Kayak rentals are available by calling Rainbow River Canoe and Kayak (you get a 10% discount if you book 5 days or more in advance): 352-489-7854

If you have your own own boat it is $15.00 CASH for the shuttle AND EVERYONE MUST pay an additional $5.00 park fee at KP Hole. Fees for rental or $33.00 to rent a kayak. NO DISPOSPOSABLE containers are allowed on the river: no sandwich bags, no Coke cans, no energy bar wrappers. Bring lunch and lots of water but everything must be in tupperwear containers. Leader: Mary-Slater Linn sierraclub01@yahoo.com and Ron Aube (cell) 480-432-6548